7DRL Success: The Challenge!

It is done! Yay! 😀

Play a young and hopeful programmer trying to write a 7DRL as he faces certain doom in the Dungeons of Development! Get through the dungeon before the Seven Days of Magic are over! Wield powerful weapons such as vi and emacs! Run from bugs and segfaults! Drink massive amounts of coffee to increase your laziness! And other stuff.

Download (including source): http://sites.google.com/site/weirdrogue/7drl-2012

Didn’t quite take it as far as I wanted to, but it still turned out pretty good. Lots of fast-paced dungeon-crawling fun. The ASCII looks pretty good to me, I’ve coded some (I think) nice effects into it.

6 thoughts on “7DRL Success: The Challenge!”

    1. You’re probably trying to run it by clicking on the jarfile. You need to launch it via console. It’s in the readme. 😀 (Why it does that, I don’t know. Still working on fixing that.) If you need more help with it, just ask.

  1. So – the theme is ridiculous. But what I like is that the author picked a theme, stuck with it, coded something and got it done in a 7d rl. Success.

    Couldn’t go diagonally. Is there a reason?

    Would benefit from shift+direction for covering distance quickly.

    Nice to look at, reasonable colours.

    Found ‘f’ is for fire projectile weapon

    No way to see what you’re standing on. Someitmes there are multiple objects in a space, and you walk off it and then have to go back.

    Level generation looks interesting.

    I recognise the AI, it’s the same one I used in swamp monster 🙂 You can spice it up like this. movement = random.choice( [4,4,4,4,7,1] )

    After you’re done, it drops you in an empty room – not sure about that.

    I didn’t do much exploring, just down whenever I could and finished first time.

    It’s not great but it is done. Good effort that dev!

    1. Diagonal movement was dropped when it messed up my code for some reason, might do a post-challenge patch for that.

      You can see a full list of controls by pressing ‘?’.

      The real Challenge comes from trying to get as many points as possible before the Seven Days end. :mrgreen:

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