7DRL Success (well, sort of): GatewayRL

I can’t say it is a 100% success… because the version that i posted contains serious bugs(most of planets with crew>1 will crash the game at some point). Now I have fixed them and uploaded a new version, but that means two more hours of work.

So 7drl and “7drl+2 hours” versions:  https://sourceforge.net/projects/gatewayrl/files/

This game is based on sci-fi novel “Gateway”. In a spirit of original, it is even more hardcore than roguelikes, because even single trap or unknown device can kill you, because you will die in flight due to fungus or turn into ooze due to genom modification.

My first mistake during this project was coding and simultaneously learning the language (language D), but that wasn’t mistake – that was intended.

My second mistake was adding new features in a last day. Well, most of the work was done in a first two days and in a last one, but perhaps i shouldn’t try to improve pathfinding at last three hours, but instead test it more and catch that three stupid bugs BEFORE 12:00, not after.

My idea was to create a roguelike where killing monsters won’t be main part – traps and commands are the main part. I haven’t complete everything i wanted to add, but it’s playable. Perhaps i’ll improve it later.



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