AppRogue: Home Stretch

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test character 'ddd' and his cat-dog

12 hours remaining and I have monsters, movement, randomly generated rooms with randomly generated names. I’ve dropped items, and am rushing to add combat (already have targetting). I have a high score list, and it is possible (even trivial) to win the 5 level dungeon.

Still some more testing, and hopefully if I put up 4 free app engine servers they will survive… the page views on this blog have me worried.

Oh yeah, and the maps are not currently well behaved topologically speaking. They don’t necessarily map to a plane, you could exit one room east, and come back by going east again.

And I just realised I forgot to implement javascript to add hjkl keys… maybe I still can. (I did)

Links(please pick one randomly):

code is at or zipped up at and can be run with the google sdk (24 MB) and python (here: or 45-60 MB)


3 thoughts on “AppRogue: Home Stretch”

  1. peous: instructions should be on the main page. I’m very tired now (5:26pm) and am counting this as a success even if no-one can play it.

    You might have been confused because you can only move every 10 or so seconds… which is largely a limitation of the free server which I don’t think I can fix.

    Targeting enemies is done via the right panel, not via the map, which is also confusing, I admit. Attacking is then done via the big red ‘A’, or by hitting space.

    It’s my first web application BTW.

    Playing locally, everytime you move you should visit localhost:8080/update.

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