Last day on Top Dog

I have not been reading any of this blog, I will catch up when my submission is in 🙂

There is under 10 hours left, the core mechanics of the quest engine and game interactions is as much done as I have time for. All that remains is fleshing out the story line, and coding it in.

Been going for 14 hours now, taking a breaker to be fresh-brained to write creative story lines.

Dialogue screens have matching pictures of the animals you talk to:

The stats screen shows your progress, and any quests you are busy with:

I won’t bore you with any commit logs this time, you can read them online at your leisure.


Author: kbmonkey

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2 thoughts on “Last day on Top Dog”

  1. This looks amazing and cute. I love the name Julie the mouse! The blocky pictures of creatures you talk to are going to be adorable if that example is anything to go by. Really stoked to play this.

  2. Oh my gawd, I did run out of time and for my early release I see many little glitches 😆

    I’ll stick to my submission, but am definitely going to polish this for a final non-submission release 🙂

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