Life of Sir Pointsalot – Success!!


It might be unbeatable as I didn’t have time to playtest it (and time to beat it :D). If it’s too hard I’ll send a tweaked version later. Too tired to write a post mortem now as I’ve coded this like 10 hours straight.

Do not underestimate it because the enemies are useless in level 1 and there’s so much items on the ground. You probably wont survive next level.


Also getting it work might require using console. I couldn’t just open it without, so there’s a simple .sh for linux users

Oops forgot instructions
A – action tab
M – monster list
I – inventory tab
J&K – scroll tab menus
Arrow keys or NUMPAD – Move & navigate menus.
Enter – confirm
Esc – back / quit when not in menus

Armors with same name are always the same. Nudity is actually very good armor. (Nudity != not wearing armor)

Some weapon prefixes don’t provide any benefits. I think Spin was only one.
Enemies die sometimes automatically. I don’t know why because all stats are always at least 1 for them.
Enemies also have Last stand before they die. Sometimes they manage to heal themselves up from negative health.

5 thoughts on “Life of Sir Pointsalot – Success!!”

  1. First of all – well done.

    I wouuldn’t release it with no playtesting, as people will try it and run into problems and then you’ll struggle to get them to try again.

    I had problems immediately:

    – I get attacked by a goblin, but when I try to attack it it tells me I’ve bumped into a wall. Even after weilding the lance, trying to attack a creature tells me I’m bumping into a wall.

    – I can’t see a way I can tell what the keys are. You don’t need ingame help, but a README would work.

    – Since I didn’t know what the keys were, I tried a few, and escape quit without warning me. I recommend listening to the recent roguelikeradio about things to avoid in 7drl 🙂

    – Numlock off kind of works, but weird things happen. That’s kind of nasty.

    – Swapping between menu items like LUNGE – doesn’t seem to work.

    1. After a bit of experimentation I have worked out how it’s supposed to work.

      Unlike most roguelikes, you don’t attack by bumping into monsters. If you bump them you’ll get the standard wall message. Instead you have to press a for actions, then use IJKL to select from the action menu, in this case attack, then select the target.

      I’m sorry to say though, the whole interface is not well done. Sometimes going up and down in the action menu bugs out and takes you into the inventory menu; the sub-menu for wearing things doesn’t draw spaces around itself and looks ugly on top of the menu behind it; the whole idea of not having bumping into monsters doing a default attack is bad in my view; it’s awkward doing anything, even picking something up because of the action menu; you can’t unequip anything so if you equip a weapon to the wrong hand you can’t change it unless you find another weapon since the only way to unequip is to change weapon; there is no need to have the message “press any key to forward” continually popping up and demanding a key press seemingly every time you evade an attack or bump into a wall; there’s no diagonal movement on numpad. In the initial menu the game lets you press enter to continue before you’ve spent all your points and it’s way too easy to press escape when in the game and it quits out with no confirmation.

      As for game balance it seems to be way too hard to kill things even having put loads of points into the right stats. I never killed a single goblin.

      And what’s with the “Japanese goblin” and “Jewish goblin” ? I really hope there’s no racist stereotyping going on later in the game. E.g. if the “Jewish goblin” steals your gold I would delete this instantly and never look back.

      I really don’t like to criticise things that people have worked long and hard on but there are simply too many problems with this to ignore.

      I’m really sorry I can’t be more enthusiastic. I did think the graphical representation of the world was quite nice.

      1. Yeah first rl so issues will be. Names do not affect them in any way as is. Bad and early design decisions had kinda bad effect on this, and I won’t continue it at all. (or I would restart from scratch) Adding bumping to attack and comma to pickup would make it better.

        Numpad diagonals worked for me so hmm…

        Anyway this isn’t as success as it could have been but I’ve got no regrets as it was very educational. Actually I don’t even recommend playing it anymore. It’s that bad. 🙁

        Maybe my next hyper massive mmorpg/voxel/teambuilding/rts hybrid will be a success ;P

  2. You can’t hit by bumping. Action menu is required for attacks. Keys in the post.
    Escape quitting without warning. Yeah I didn’t have time for that. Heh.
    It could be that scroll keys are wrong in my post but they should be in the vi keys area.

    And my apologies for the lack of vi keys to laptop owners.

    I upload a fixbuild tomorrow or day after that.
    Fixes will be
    Esc quit notice
    lower difficulty?
    And a included readme, maybe ingame help if I’ll have time. There shouldn’t be any more other issues than difficulty.


  3. Thank you for taking my criticism of your game so well. My heart goes out to you. I’m glad it’s just the names, but really, calling the goblins “Jewish”, “Gay” and “Japanese” was not really the best of ideas. If you needed different names for them there’s a world of inspiration out there on fantasy roleplaying sites; even just using the names of classes in WoW would have been ok! 😛 “Shaman goblin”, “Paladin goblin”, “Death Knight goblin” etc., hehe.

    Really, I wish you the best of luck for next year. Look at me, I didn’t even enter this year because I was too scared!

    Are you going to the development conference for roguelikes in London this Summer? I might be able to go, myself.

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