Mutant Aliens! – 7DRL Success!!

Well, there are lots of features I wanted that aren’t in it. But it’s playable, it’s very coffeebreaky, it can be very challenging, and it’s very prone to killing you just when you think you’ve won. Don’t let them get too close. Run away often. Use your explosives wisely.

I guess it turns out a worthwhile roguelike doesn’t have to have remote controlled brain slices.

Comments, feedback, bug reports, particularly along the lines of “Add in-game help as a bugfix or I refuse to play” can be posted here, or sent to quendus at google’s email domain. I’ll post to the newsgroup soonish.

Your dismembered limbs shake gently.
The hardest mode... just... no.


You wash the maa-kneent with Tx-PBS three times with gentle shaking.
Difficulty level 6 is winnable, but here's a time when I lost by a hair's breadth.
The ship shakes gently.
The easiest difficulty setting is so easy that I didn't even have to kill an alien.

Author: srd

Author of KleinRL (14drl), Mutant Aliens! (7drl), Mutant Aristocrats! (1drl), Encircled (1.5drl), Schaak! (7drts), and CONVOLUTE (0hg). Likes turn-based games that minimise nonsense.

19 thoughts on “Mutant Aliens! – 7DRL Success!”

  1. I think most other people are using the word “success” to mean they have finished their game and on time ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way it won’t run for me in win 7, it says libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll is missing. I’m looking into it. This is a development machine with all sorts on it including mingw so It’ll be solvable I think.

  2. I could be wrong about the winner thing. I assumed they picked an actual overall winner but you’re probably correct and I’m probably in error. This is my first time following a 7drl event.

    My apologies to you.

  3. There is no overall winner. There might be for the 7DRL awards, but I didn’t claim to have won any of those. “Winner” is just as correct and sounds more exciting.

    Regarding the dll, I’m now getting pretty annoyed with simple programs compiling with hidden dependencies that I can’t check without a separate computer (both VS2010 and mingw are doing this). I’ve uploaded a new zip with that dll.

  4. Anyway, I copied the dll in question and another one it wanted from my mingw bin directory to the game directory and it worked then.

    A tip for Windows users, you can click on the window icon at top left, select properties, font tab, then select a larger font to make everything easier to see. Unless the game is using any of the slightly more obscure graphic characters then you’ll be fine with using lucida console, which allows a lot bigger fonts than the raster option.

    Having fun so far although difficulty 4 was proving a bit … difficult. The cursor flashing away when targeting enemies to shoot is a little offputting too. But hey, it’s all a voyage of discovery.

  5. “Regarding the dll, Iโ€™m now getting pretty annoyed with simple programs compiling with hidden dependencies that I canโ€™t check without a separate computer (both VS2010 and mingw are doing this). Iโ€™ve uploaded a new zip with that dll.”

    It’s actually 2 DLLs, the one I mentioned already plus libstdc++6.dll

    As for checking dependencies I used to share your frustration, but then I discovered the marvellous small tool: “depends.exe”. It’s a microsoft tool which shows all the dependencies of an exe file and whether you have them or not.

    I’m looking it up now to find out where you can get it from.

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