Soft Rogue Day 4

Had really few time to work on this. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have something finished. Anyway, here is the progress with a better sword prediction, according to remarks. I also made some new “art”

Fint it here
I’ll try to spend some time in the last hours of competition !

3 thoughts on “Soft Rogue Day 4”

  1. It’s definitely getting better and better although the sword speed power up still has a tendency to eventually make it a lot harder to hit mobs.

    I don’t see why you think you won’t have finished. Surely all you need to do is make the stairs generate a new level and it’s pretty complete?

    With the graphics getting more realistic I can’t help but see the hero as flying around blowing fire out of his behind, waving his sword-shaped penis at babies, which obviously is really, really, not the image you want conjured up

  2. Please try to get a simple playable game outta this. It looks really cool, and the time feature is very innovative – might make others think about new ways of designing 3D games. To be a playable game all it needs in my books is either a win condition (beat boss x on level y) or a score system with infinite levels and increasing difficulty (say enemy hp + 20% each level).

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