Soft Rogue Day 5

I think this will be the final version, I won’t have much more time. So I spent about 10-20 hours total only, I had others things to do πŸ™‚
Added a HUD, level 1 to 5 (and win on level 5), ladder to change stairs, capped sword speed & size, fixed spikes & monsters position, surrounded each level with walls, level size is now different on each floor.
WebPlayer version
Standalone Windows version (the webplayer one can be slow)
If you have some fedbacks, I can still do some easy tuning (adding more floors, more speed, more hp to ennemies, more or less chests… I’m the head in the thing I’m not sure I balanced it well

4 thoughts on “Soft Rogue Day 5”

  1. One thing I thought would be kind of cool would be if you added a floor 6 and that would be a more open design or even just a containing wall and empty in the middle, then add a GIGANTIC enemy. It could look the same as the others but be bigger. It would have more hit points and when you kill it you win.

    Love how the sword grows bigger now though. Really nice presentation in this game.

  2. 1700 gold victory!

    It was pretty fun, but it’s super easy, especially since you can knockback enemies just standing still and swinging your sword. I took more hit point damage from accidentally brushing traps– in fact, I don’t believe an enemy hit me even once. I certainly never felt in danger of dying.

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