Top Dog Success

Top Dog is a Roguelike style game. The Puppy has been kidnapped by the
Fat Cat Mafioso. You travel from yard to yard, searching for the
crafty Cats holding her hostage. Along the way you meet other animals,
and perhaps a bone or two on the way.

The game is written in Python 2.6, to run:


## Links ##

– zip 850 kB (Win32, untested)

– tar 430 kB (Linux)

P.S> some reason my host wont allow this .gz, use this .7z archive in this case. sorry for this!

_both includes libtcod 1.51 RC1 libraries_

– source on GitHub

– dev log

See the in-game help (?) for play instructions.


Author: kbmonkey

see my rolling dev log at :-)

5 thoughts on “Top Dog Success”

  1. I’ve got it working on win32. I had an install of windows python with the idle graphical shell. At first I couldn’t get it to work because it said libcotd was missing and I couldn’t get it to check the libs directory so I lazily dropped everything out of the lib directory into the main directory and then it worked.


    I’m still in my first playthrough though so I can’t tell- are the surroundings procedurally generated or not?

    A quest from Julie the mouse! Srsly this is top quality cuteness. Love it, love it.

    All the little touches, which I won’t spoil for people, but it’s just …. so damn nice.

  2. I’ve finished the game now. I’m still in love with the cuteness but I was a bit disappointed with a few things:

    1. Combat. I suspect you wanted to keep the game suitable for children, but even so, not having death meant combat lacked any excitement, since you can’t “die”. Even when I played trying to not lose my last heart it wasn’t the same… Even “killing” other animals it’s kind of vague when you have beaten them since they just run away.

    2. On the info screen I can see I am a certain level with a certain score, but unless I missed it there is no message or anything when you get scores or levels in the game. I feel it would be made more exciting if some kind of feedback was added for gaining scores or levels.

    3. I actually completed the game without doing many quests. Even though I hadn’t done a certain quest for a cat that was supposed to get the attention of the cat mafioso they still said they had arranged a “meeting” and so on, interacting with me.

    I do love the cuteness and feel of the game especially the ascii pictures of the animals you talk to and the music is jaunty. It’s just a shame about the three points above. The first two wouldn’t take much time to implement I don’t think.

    When you “die” you could get a sad picture of a dog with a bandage and it could make you drop the object you’re carrying and transport you back to the start position. A simple message about gaining score and levels would work too, although it’s a shame not to also have a sound effect since there is music in the game.

  3. Awesome feedback @graspee, thanks :mrgreen:

    I see many, many little bugs, I ran out of time and submitted anyway. Not dying is one of those things I never got in. Sound was another – I even recorded sounds from monkeys and dogs to use!

    All those things bother me to no end, and I am definitely going to polish, fix and release a post submission final release πŸ™‚

    I kinda feel embarrassed by all the glitches in this 😳 and just realized the last level doesn’t even play, the Puppy just gives his thanks – supposed to find her, and she follows you to the exit hole – I thought that was a cute gesture ^_^

    Glad you like the cuteness! I was inspired by the 3 dogs I live with. I drew the icons in GIMP.

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