AppRogue: Finished

Servers are up and working fine, fixed some code at the zeroth hour to improve running speed and avoid hitting the database unnecessarily. It’s bare but it’s finished. (Which I guess is par for course with 7DRLs)

Only two servers (after the fix) should be necessary (although the others on the main page are still up):

4 thoughts on “AppRogue: Finished”

  1. OK I got to play it.

    I’m sorry I really didn’t like this at all.

    It’s a world that feels static and slow. Movement is from “room” to “room” rather than square by square. Everything happens so slowly it’s like play by email. Getting constant messages about how I’m too tired to do anything just adds to the slow feeling!

    The interface leaves a lot to be desired too. Why have a separate list of enemies I can attack on the right hand side instead of letting me target by clicking the actual enemy? And why can’t the target be “sticky” instead of me having to reselect it each time?

    I’m really sorry that I haven’t got anything nicer to say about this as I’m sure you tried hard.

  2. The google account just gives me a unique ID (well email) – there’s nothing else, and it saves the time of creating accounts (something I hate) perhaps a cookie system might have been better.

    Yeah I don’t think it was a good idea for a roguelike anymore.

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