Ascension of the Drillworms – Success

I’m pleased to announce the success of my 7DRL entry “Ascension of the Drillworms”.

In Ascension of the Drillworms you crashed on a distant planet with your star ship and have to repair your broken warp core. In order to do this, you have to collect 10 special crystals in the deep mines on this planet. For more information take a look to the Rogue basin where’s a small page for this game. I hope you have fun with that small game.

You can download a Windows and a Linux (32bit / 64bit) version.

Enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Ascension of the Drillworms – Success”

  1. Haven’t found a drillworm yet, but I have a feeling I won’t like it when I do! The all-mouse UI is cool… also love the 2-tone look, reminds me a bit of Hero Core.

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