Blood Arbiter -> Equal in Death: Day 7 (success)

And done!  Here is hoping that is is (a) fun, (b) bug-free, and (c) the start of good things to come.  I had to skip feature that I had originally planned, and the game balance may need work.  Chatting with Darren Grey online I realized the name “Blood Arbiter” did not convey the “gimmick” which is an attempt to do intelligent 1v1 fights.  Hence the name change to “Equal in Death”.  Other gimmicks are an attempt at a social meta-game, although a lot of tweaking went into that at the last minute so time will show how successful it is.  I am still pretty excited about it, though, and as this is my first 7DRL I declare it a success.  Lets celebrate!

Here is the background image that I am including in the stripped down version of T-Engine:

Oh, you want to actually play it?  Well you can grab a tarball of the module directory from this link.  If you go this route you will need to download ToME from and drop the “blood-arbiter” directory into the “tome/game/modules” directory.  That isn’t ideal, so I am in the process of putting together self-contained downloads.  Any idea where I can host them?

EDIT: And Dropbox it is!  The Windows download and Linux 32-bit download are now available. I hope to do some bugfix releases as time goes on.  How do people usually advertise those?

EDIT2: Oh, and some basic help.  You can move around with either the mouse or keys, and hitting “?” will bring up a pop-up with some other key bindings.  Cheers!

8 thoughts on “Blood Arbiter -> Equal in Death: Day 7 (success)”

  1. It was easy to get working. I’m having fun so far, but it’s hard to separate whether the game is good from the fact that the ToME engine is so marvellous.

  2. I like it; it is different.

    Some issues though: I’m not sure if it’s the hexness of things, but when using the mouse to move I end up talking to the guards all the time which is a bit annoying, so I switched to keyboard so I can move more precisely.

    I didn’t see how I was supposed to know when it was time to enter an arena or which one to go to.

    Am I supposed to be able to smack the “s” soldiers with my fist and leave blood everywhere and they don’t fight back? This seems to go against their aggressive “you’re not going through that door, matey” policy.

    It took me ages to work out I had to ready a weapon from the floor with the menu (I finally noticed a trainer telling me this). I assumed the system for picking stuff up would be the same as in ToME>

    I must have missed some aspect of the fighting because I couldn’t land a single blow on my opponent and got slaughtered every time.

    The guards kept saying they’d help me next time if I let my opponent draw first blood, then when I did (haha no choice) and went back to them they just said the same again.

    Finally one guard did say he’d help me, and told me my next opponent was “hand (sic) with the brawling”, then I got an infinite chain of lua errors and it was all over. ; ;

    Lua error screenshot here:

    1. Thanks for the comments. Allowing you to attack guards was definitely an oversight on my part, and one that occurred to me during one of the wee hours of the morning but then dropped back into obscurity. I’ll include a fix in my next release. The trainer emotes are the least obtrusive way I could think of to teach you how to do various things, but maybe there are a little TOO unobtrusive. I’ll look into that error, thanks!

  3. O.K., so I got I’m assuming a bug when I talked to one of the representatives, because I could infinitely increase all my skills (and that I did!) So I’m basically three-hit killing everyone with 50 strength. But for whatever reason the gladiator I was fighting literally ran into the corner of the arena, and starting attacking himself. He then died, and I didn’t have to do anything. Odd

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