Escape from the Vault : finished


Escape from the Vault is a post apocalyptic roguelike. It’s basically a massive single-player turned-based mod/hack of my morpg EUO.

I spent all of my spare time in the last week on this. The engine is quite old & stable though, but that didn’t stop me going flat out on other things like graphics and map generation, class design, etc.

Once the competition is done I plan to keep chipping away at this – mainly to get it balanced and bug free.

2 thoughts on “Escape from the Vault : finished”

  1. I just wanted to say, this game, your efforts to make this game from your initial online game, which is fantastic, is just what I wanted. I like a private style game, I was worried if i may not have internet at one time or another, and I’d still like to be able to play this game alone. Thank you, Egg.

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