Fictional Roguelike – Success

I’m pleased to announce my first attempt at the 7drl (and roguelikes in general) was a success. I went in thinking I’d picked an idea too complex, but everything ended up working out in the end.

I created a simple, yet extensible context-free grammar parser to manage all of the narrative (room descriptions, combat flavor text, winning/losing, etc). The core rogue-like gameplay has randomly-generated maps, monsters, turn-based combat, line-of-sight, etc. I also tried to add some variety to the dungeons with some randomly placed “decor” (beds, crates, cobwebs, etc). I feel like so many dungeons are barren of anything more than the player and the monsters, but there really needs to be more than that.

There are 16 floors of monsters to fight through, including “boss” monsters every 4 floors (4, 8, 12, and 16). On the final floor, there is a treasure to find. If you can manage to collect the treasure and fight your way back out of the dungeon, you’ll be declared a winner! πŸ˜€

Fictional Roguelike (in-game, click to enlarge)

Fictional Rogue should run under Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can download it here:Β

*Compiled against the JDK 1.6 (JRE6)

Any and all feedback is welcome! Thanks!
Tritax (@JDBunnell)

7 thoughts on “Fictional Roguelike – Success”

  1. @peous: That old-school d&d map vibe was exactly what I was going for. Sadly, 12×12 tiles aren’t quite large enough to fit some of the details in, but I didn’t want to go higher and lose screen-space. I really like having a good size map, but having it all fit on-screen at the same time.

    @pat: I built this against the 1.7 Java Runtime. I’ve seen a few people have problems when running the 1.6 Runtime. If you want, you can try updating to the latest JRE. I may try to post an version built against the 1.6 JRE just to offer more flexibility.

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