Infiniverse – Success

Infiniverse space station shops

Moments ago, I announced Infiniverse as a success in r.g.r.a. There wasn’t really time for balancing, so the game might be very hard and dull or very easy and dull. But I’m still happy about what I achieved in these 7 days. And the game is somewhat complete experience with a goal, ending, quite nice looks, and lots of places to visit.

Highlights of the last day’s development are shops in space station (pictured above) and combat AI. I’ll probably write a more detailed post-mortem later, but now I’m taking a pause from this. 🙂

Play the game online @
Or download and play offline from:

The versions linked above are the challenge versions and are frozen. I shall continue development and might make radical changes such as moving to real-time in preparation of multiplayer version etc, but that won’t affect the 7drl version.


3 thoughts on “Infiniverse – Success”

  1. I’ve been having fun getting used to this by experimenting with the menus. How do I protect against inbound missiles though? It seems 1 or 2 will finish me off and you can’t dodge them, so even if I open fire on pirates straight away, they fire at me and it’s mutually assured destruction!

    The nebulae look stunning though.

  2. Missiles run out of fuel eventually if you run away. You can also shoot them. However, you should avoid pirate contacts until you have bought a healthy amount of hull strength upgrades, available at some space stations.

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