RoboCaptain – Success (Update)






Fixed a few semi-critical bugs (no power regeneration during exploration), but mostly just added “how to” and “intro” content to the main game page, making things a bit easier to follow.
Also added some ‘easter egg’ names for certain ‘hero-class’ enemies. 🙂

You can play both versions (original 7DRL and “7DRL+”) here:

In theory, I’ll have more updates over time over on HF.

Cheers, and good luck to everyone working on their final day!

2 thoughts on “RoboCaptain – Success (Update)”

  1. I just tested the latest version, really well done.
    Works well, maybe the x key (power selection) could also have been handled with mouse. Anyway, nice to play (I died on 4th floor, don’t knowhow many there are : ) !

    1. You can actually change systems (power selection) with the mousewheel! I guess that doesn’t help if you don’t have a mousewheel, though. 🙂

      I do like the idea of just clicking on a system, so I’ll see if I can get that working.

      There are 7 levels. One for each day, I guess. 😉

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