TrapRL – Success!

Finished my 7DRL attempt a couple of days ago, then I realised I neglected to post anything here. Originally planned to post my dev-logs on here, but ended up doing it on my own site. Oh well, here’s the finished product, the unimaginatively named TrapRL.

More info on the link, but the important bits are: The theme is ‘Traps’, it uses my own open-source python engine (albeit heavily modified from an early build) and I’m pleased with what I have, even if it’s a bit plain.

See you next year!

2 thoughts on “TrapRL – Success!”

  1. pretty cool idea. Is there any way to detect traps you stumble into, or is that just the point and you’re supposed to be dealing with injury management afterwards? Because without a food clock or something similar, you can just rest to full health after every incident.

  2. No way to detect them, but that’s really the point, yeah. Those first few hidden traps are meant to mostly be a nuisance, the stone falling, arrows, etc. The traps that move you around are meant to delay you or possibly throw you in front of worse traps.

    Those worse traps, the pillar and blade ones, generally cause major wounds, which you can’t rest to full health from. The game was supposed to then have a ‘food clock’ in the form of you needing to find ingredients to make healing salves to heal your major wounds before the total got to 100 and you died. Sadly, I didn’t quite manage that.

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