7drl Success: Nightfall

I havent posted anything to this blog so far this challenge, but I figure its a good way to give myself more exposure now that there are a myriad of new games floating about.

My game is called Nightfall.

You are copilot in a salvage ship operating in an asteroid field when you crash land. But something is amiss… This asteroid seems to support some kind of… life. The shadows themselves form and dissolve in the corners of your eyes and as you begin to set foot away from the crash site, something horrible rises in the distance behind you – A huge wall of shadow forms on the opposite horizon to the sun which is fast falling. You think you can see eyes in the darkness. Hundreds of them. Its time to run.

Pick it up here: www.numeronreactor.com

6 thoughts on “7drl Success: Nightfall”

  1. Really nice beginning, and then nightfall is quite oppressing ! Anyway, really nice, but I don’t really know what is the aim (I suppose : Survive ^^)
    Is there an end to the game ?

  2. Thanks guys, and sorry to those who couldnt get it working…

    There is an end, yes. If you hit tab, you can see a map of how far around the asteroid you have made it, arriving back at the crash site is the goal. A pro tip is that once you get to the city, you should be avoiding as many fights as possible. No enemies can open doors, and the demons can be outrun, so that can help you get ahead in the mayhem.

    I can only make it halfway through the second area on hardmode 🙂

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