Restless – the Dream Forest – Failure

I’ve had to throw in the towel with my Roguelike, at least in terms of doing it for 7DRL. Whilst I’ve done a bunch of 48 hour challenges before, I managed to face a large hurdle at every step of this project.   By the time I realised how far behind I was, it was too late to start something simpler.

In terms of mistakes, my main mistake was that I didn’t get the basic game flow with enemy movement and combat in early. Things like maps, graphics, and everything else is icing on the cake when I should have been focusing on the foundation.

I also scrapped and remade some of the systems for items and characters, but I don’t consider this a mistake as my work was much faster and effective afterwards. Definitely something to remember in terms of software design for the future.

Despite everything, I feel like the event was a success for me. I didn’t lose any sleep, or neglect other aspects of my life and work, and I learned a lot of new techniques.

Also, I’ve decided to keep working on this project for another week. Hopefully I’ll have some of the major problems ironed out, and I can decide how to take this project forward.

I’m looking forward to playing some of the 7DRLs now! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Restless – the Dream Forest – Failure”

  1. Haha. I pretty much made this exact post based on my experiences this year. Everything from 48-hour challenges to not focusing on combat earlier. Your screenshots have looked great. Do you plan on trying to work on this at all later?

  2. Pleasepleaseplease keep working on this anyway. Please don’t get discouraged!

    Every screenshot of this game looks so fresh and loving and new, as if somebody looked at the concept of a roguelike through a child’s eyes and tried to do something truly different with one.

    Seriously, if you started up a Kickstarter I’d gladly throw my money at you, and I think plenty of other people would too. That’s how promising your game looks to me.

    If I may offer some free advice: Take your time and work on the icing. You’re very good at it, and an icing-rich roguelike with a strong sense of character is exactly the sort of thing this genre needs.

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