RoboCaptain – Update

Got some feedback from early players of RoboCaptain. Turns out I still have some things to learn about cross-browser supprt! For now, if you’d like the best experience, use Chrome. I also did test the latest Firefox and that seemed to work too. Sorry for the confusion!

Also, if anyone has been able to get it working in a different browser, please let me know. Thanks!

1 thought on “RoboCaptain – Update”

  1. Yeah well, would you believe that I was going to write a game based on this song, save me having to do it now 😀 Way to honour New Zealand’s 4th best parody comedy duo 🙂

    Finally robotic beings rule the world!

    I got the thingie and got back the top level, is that it? Is was not until I was on dungeon level 0 that I realised you can cycle through your stuff. Obviously it is beatable? with out cycling.
    Fun stuff.

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