Waaaghammer Updated (04 version + Tile “support”

I have finally gotten around to uploading another bug-fix binary.

I have fixed the remaining known crash bug when wielding weapons (AI or player) as well as a few other combat issues.

Plus I added TILE “support”. Tiles are supported but I don’t have very good ones (except for the excellent squig ones :p ). (I forgot to add ammo tiles, so the are just a white selection box)

Thanks to “arthandas9” for some ideas/bugs/support.

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So I have posted elsewhere but here goes for prosperity 🙂  I have a later bugfix up now 🙂 Homepage here

You play an orc who awakes confused and disoriented into the world.  Find your way in orc society and  meet your destiny, or die trying.

The game has 10 areas to explore.

Two separate playing methods, Dirty Fighter or Squig Master.  Once every level you can unleash a WAAAGH.

Homepage here Windows binary but source available.


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