After-Challenge-Version of Me Against The Mutants


I made a small update for Me Against The Mutants – you can play the most recent version on Kongregate, or just download the standalone version (8.75 MiB, Windows only)!

Changes include:

  • a preloader
  • volume control via N and M
  • fixed a minor memory leak
  • display of black rectangles for the nonvisible tiles when moving is better now
  • included a timer, so you can see how long you needed to finish the game (or to die)
  • fixed bug with disappearing enemies when moving around (I hope) and non-walkable tiles
  • mana doesn’t drain completely anymore when a mutant is detected inside the self-created infinity rect
  • the message “I’m on the outside.” is gone, as it was confusing for some
  • inventory and end messages update correctly now

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