The Well Of Enchantments

The Well Of Enchantments

(wow, am i late finding this place!)

a successful 7DRL 2012 , complete for windows.

theme : “exploiting the superclass”.

zap a sandwich like a wand, eat a sword, read your boots, wear a potion.

72 magical effects exist, and you barely have time to identify them all in a single 7-level game.

download the 7DRL version here:                  (a known crashing bug is that sometimes when an item is removed from your inventory (read,drop,crumble,destroy item) it is still displayed, and if you click on it in your inv, the game will crash)

here is a “1 week later” version, with tons of little fixes, balancing, and playability/readability changes. i highly recommend this version for anyone who just wants to play the game for fun:

Here, you can find a video i did for Mastodon’s “Dry Bone Valley” using The Well Of Enchantments. shows lots of gameplay.

here is my limited dev blog, with links, etc.

Game Features:

22 monsters, thousands of possible items, 7 dungeon levels,win condition, detailed speed system, encumbrance system, more!

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