farm rl

Can you imagine playing in a dungeon that is a working ecosystem, created by its inhabitants?
Predators eat herbivores, herbivores eat plants, and you must gather what you need to survive your trek. As you descend new environments and species become available that require you to manipulate them to your advantage.

Grow deadly fire seeds to burn your way through a maze-like jungle.  Find fertile soil to grow rare healing fruit.  Trap enemies with fast growing tangle-vines.

At the end of your quest is most sough after prize, an weapon so deadly it kills every thing on the level but you.  But be warned, to win you must reach the top with at least one charge remaining.

4 thoughts on “farm rl”

  1. Sounds great! Especially because I’ve been developing an ecosystem RL myself. Not doing the 7DRL this year, though. Looking forward to seeing your results.

  2. This sounds totally awesome! I can’t wait to try it out.

    Have you played Waking Mars? It’s not a roguelike, but it has some similar mechanics. It’s not a totally open ecosystem, but it’s interesting.

    In a roguelike however, you could just go nuts, and have a crazy-awesome setup. I love it.

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