Ship Happens – A generic tactical roguelike set in SPPPAAAACCEEEEEEEEE.

My short history with game jams consists of a single entry: A relatively poor attempt at a combat light roguelike with a dynamic quest system in LD #23. I was unable to implement everything I wanted in time, and ended up rushing at the last minute to even make it playable.
Despite the underwhelming state of my entry, I had a great time. I learned a lot about the workflow of game development in microcosm, and I felt like I was part of something great.

In an attempt to re-capture this feeling and continue my personal development in gamedev (something for which I have a budding passion), I have decided to enter 7rdl with a tentative idea I like to call: Ship Happens – A generic tactical roguelike set in SPPPAAAACCEEEEEEEEE.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to take time off work, and I don’t have much time out of work, so it’s going to be a struggle…and of course as is par for all gamejam noobies, I plan on over scoping, and under delivering 😉 but I also plan on having fun, and thats whats really important I think.

I look foward to seeing what I can come up with (I have no design doc, and have not decided on what tools or even what language I’m going to use), and I also look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with. Based on the past entries that I’ve seen, I think we’ll see some great things!

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