Starship Rex

For my first 7DRL, I’ll be using rot.js to create a game in which your @ is a robot on a starship that’s in decaying orbit around its destination planet. Your goal is to traverse the decks (floors) of the ship rescuing human colonists from stasis-sleep. Problem is, not all the humans have survived — not as humans at least.

The same technobabble space anomaly that threw the ship off course has interacted with the stasis fields to create creepy monsters. Some of these monsters are roaming free, some are gestating in stasis pods. Problem is, you don’t know until you extract a pod from its enclosure whether the human inside is alive, dead, or “creeped”. The status of the human determines where you must deliver the pod — medbay, morgue, or airlock respectively.

The robot (rexbot, a robot St. Bernard) can only withstand one hit to start with, but carried items will act as shielding (HP). The creeps (zombies, spaceghosts, etc) will only “see” stasis fields — so if you’re not carrying pods, you’ll be invisible to them. Conversely, they will attack you while carrying pods and destroy you once they’ve destroyed all your pods. Of course, there will be a number of mitigating items and abilities to use to combat these monstrosities.

The colonists themselves have traits that interact with each other to offer rewards when you rescue sets of them (e.g. three biologists can give you a “spell” to rescue a live colonist on the spot). I have notes about all this, but the particulars will be worked out next week.

The whole concept is a version of a board game I was working on last year, which itself started as an idea for a “space roguelike”. So it’s an ouroboroguelike in that sense, I guess.

I work full time and have a family, so it will be tough to accomplish anything too epic. I plan to get a playable “rescue the humans” game working first, then dig deeper on colonist traits, items, hazards, AI, etc. once I have the basics in place. I’ll release the latest “working” version at the end of the 7DRL.

I’ll be hanging out in IRC (Starstew) and tweeting (@Starstew) while working, to keep up with whatever everyone’s working on.

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