I’ve been gearing up to work on wonderboy-in-ascii-world using coffeescript and a new node-term-ui lib I’ve been contributing to so that drawing graphic primitives and ui elements at the terminal is a thing of joy. You may wonder why I’m not using ncurses – the real answer is just that the node wrapper was too buggy and installing took a lot longer than I’d want to push on anyone. Also this abstraction layer will let me deliver both a web based and command line based interface at the same time.

The game is going to be a top down version of the wonderboy world with some similar levels and plot elements. Not sure how far I’ll get but it sounds fun and I guess thats the point!

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  1. I’ve been using coffeescript and rot.js. What is this node-term-ui lib of which you speak? Sounds promising. I love the idea of web and console versions working off of (mostly) the same code.

  2. Hey, node-term-ui is something I found whilst looking for a replacement for ncurses. It has not seen active development in a while but I have been running with it in my fork https://github.com/shaunxcode/node-term-ui. I need to update the readme to reflect all of the new widgets and capabilities. You can get a feel for what that is via the examples dir. I also just published https://github.com/shaunxcode/cli-sudoku which utilizes said lib showing off the event based widgets and grid drawing. I will be updating it to work in browser as well to demonstrate what I mean by the single code base working for both.

    I will be looking into utilizing rot.js myself as node-term-ui is purely a graphical widget layer not an entire game engine (the path finding looks awesome!).

  3. Oh, haha.. you are literally implementing curses. That’s awesome. πŸ˜‰

    Consider it starred, I will check it out later. For now I’m just using the display component of rot.js plus some my own canvas/tile event handling (https://github.com/twpage/gridmangler).

    ROT.js is very nice, but you really need to look at the code, the documentation is lagging behind a bit, I think, and some stuff was not immediately obvious to me from the interactive examples.

    But that is just a tiny nit-pick… the library itself is an awesome assembly of useful stuff. Really makes getting to the fun part much more easy.

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