Kali’s Ladder : My first 7DRL

Here’s my plan for the first 7DRL I want to create a small 10 floors + boss roguelike.

I also would like to add a character system inspired from lostlabyrinth where a buying skills phase replace the classic class choice.

I think I wont use the ASCII graphics. I’m used to it as a player,  and I think it’s a very fine way to improve player imagination. The problem is I really dont know how to handle it with programming. I will end up loosing more time than if I make simple graphics and classic tweening animations. I wont overdo it, maybe just some NES like graphics.

I’m currently traveling in India and will spend half of this 7 days on a boat. My NC10 netbook is also in bad shape, randomly blinking with whitescreen when heat exceed 35° ( which happen a lot thoses days ). I will try to find an internet connexion as soon as I get out the boat, but I’m unsure about my timing… I guess it will depends a lot on the weather. It should add the to epicness of the challence, I like that 😀


The game name is Kali’s Ladder because I’m currently visiting Kolcata ( the city of Kali ) I hope it will help me to add a bit of storytelling in the game, I’m very uncomfortable with that part.

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