You are a talented young alchemist. You discover that the fabled Philosopher’s Stone is hidden at the bottom of an old dungeon. What luck! All you have to do is descend and grab the stone before your rivals catch the scent. What could possibly go wrong?

Alchemy is going to be my first 7DRL challenge entry. My plan is to keep the game very focused, so the emphasis is on mixing potions, discovering new ingredients and using these to defeat 10 or so levels of increasing challenges.

Alchemy will be written in Clojure, an awesome new Lisp that is a lot of fun to use. It will be an interesting challenge, since I’m going to write the game in a purely functional style (no mutable objects!). That’s right – the entire game state will be immutable.

All game content will be written in the 7 day window, though I will (ab)use my inventory of various bits and pieces of code that I’ve developed before, in particular:

  • swing-console : a Java based library that provides a nice ASCII GUI component
  • Tyrant : my old Java roguelike. Will be stealing the RNG code, and various design ideas
  • PersistentTreeGrid : an immutable 3D grid data structure. Just what I need to represent the world….
  • orculje : my experimental toolkit for writing Clojure roguelikes

Main features I’d like to try and implement, depending on time:

  • A system of crafting / mixing potions with different ingredients
  • A stackable effects system, inspired by the one in Tyrant
  • 3D dungeon generation algorithm. This is probably crazy for a 7DRL….

Wish me luck!



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