Day 0 : MMO: the Roguelike

I’ve spent all day working on the Python tutorial for Roguelikes, because I’m an idiot and I want to learn a new language on top of developing the game. What have I done.

The main premise of the game, if I can get it going past a basic generic Roguelike, is going to try to mimic an MMO (in single player; all the “players” will be NPCs). There will be two factions that are totally identical except in color, and they’ll hold dominion over certain areas, represented by NPC guards of varying strengths allied to that faction.

Each area will periodically spawn experience crystals and neutral mobs, and the goal of the game is to level up your character to be strong enough to assault the other faction’s home area. You’ll also be competing against the other faction’s “players”, who are also grinding.

There will hopefully be a trait or class system in place to specialize players. I want to create a reason for players to interact with friendly NPCs, so I want to have lots of supporting skills  you can use to benefit others.

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