Dungeon Dual!

I’m going to make the world’s first ever FUN turn-based co-op ASCII roguelike!*

The evil TIME MASTER has trapped the prince in the mysterious CAVES OF CHAOS. The King sends a battalion of his greatest wizards and warriors to retrieve him, but the caves twist time and space, leaving each adventurer trapped in duplicate versions of the same dungeon.

Playing solo will be possible, but extremely hard. Teaming up with a fellow adventurer will allow you to help each other, sending items, monsters, and special ability effects back and forth between dimensions. Although the dungeons and monsters will be the same, adventurers must be careful not to get too separated by space (or time) lest their co-op abilities wane.

The “seven days” part will mostly be me figuring out how to get WebSockets to work in order to implement the web-based roguelike framework I have used (and gutted) since last year across multiple browsers.

The “fun” part will (hopefully) be an implementation of multiplayer that a) doesn’t break the quasi-sacrosanct turned based nature of roguelikes, and b) actually encourages co-operation (isn’t totally useless).**

I’m using CoffeeScript (which is amazing) and rot.js (which is super useful) and probably tornado for the socket server.


* Possibly not I actually have no idea.

** Fun not actually guaranteed.

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