Faith in RL

My first 7DRL! The past few days I’ve been working on porting the libtcod python tutorial to Unity in preparation for Saturday (tomorrow!?). It’s coming on well, fov is working nicely…fov_example1

Also touch control, monsters, items all basically working. Saving, inventory and GUI still a work in progress. Saving in Unity, grrr, so envious of python’s simple solution.

Faith in RL will swap combat with a conversion mechanic. You gain faith from your converts that increase your ability to convert more evil creatures. I have an idea that you can herd your converts so that their proximity will increase your faith also… Oh I’m an atheist by the way 😉

Using Unity may seem a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, however it means I can deploy to mobile, pc, mac and the web with one codebase. Nice. I have also written some Unity plugins that will enable me to get some revenue on anything I manage to deploy to mobile. Evil I know!

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