Decided to make a western game based very loosely on the game Gun.smoke… But I want to keep as much of the RL standards in their, a magic system, curse/blessed and magic items and lots of different fantasy style beasts… So I’ve been feverishly searching the net for western mythology and american folk monsters! Their seems to be a good variety, some from European sources, like Black Dogs, and other stuff I’ve never heard of like Axe-Hounds… Plenty of fodder anyway… Might even throw in some Aztec style dragons…

I figure I can use Voodoo, Shamanism and Asian occultism to match up with the normal Necromancy/witchcraft, healer/elematalist, wizard RL classes… Although my whole knowledge of native American magic comes from Bravestar… so… Already coming up with Ideas which may be way too complex for me to do in a 7 days… Like I thought of putting a train in it… sheesh!

One thing that keeps crossing my mind is whether to have races… Asian, African, European etc. and Union/Rebel loyalties… but i’m thinking not at the moment because transposing the way races work in RLs, I think i’d end up with some awful stereotypes for the different races and that seems like a big ol’ can of worms to me!

This is my first RL…But I’ve got like half an engine written in Java…

I’ve also never blogged before and had to re-edit this 3 times!

2 thoughts on “Gun.Smoke”

  1. Yeah I would leave out the “real world” races if I were you.

    If you want to get some semblance of race without getting too stereotypical you could have it be “allegiance” and not race. Set it in Texas in the 40s and you have a nice melting pot of unionists (yankees), southerners (wanna-be-confederates), Republicans (Texan nationalists), and loyalists (mexican nationalists).

    Personally I would love a western RL WITHOUT tons of supernatural stuff. There’s plenty of real-world danger to get up to… save the supernatural stuff for the really exciting parts!

    I think there is of fun that could be had with a re-loading mechanic. Just imagine you wielding a six-shooter when 7 monsters show up on screen. 😉

    1. Yeah, definitly no races… I think i’ll leave it up to peoples imaginations if they want to think that the characters a run away slave or an ex confederate soldier…
      The supernatural stuff really depends how much time I have… I’m pretty sure about the shaman magic stuff, but i’m gonna wait and see on the rest… The gunslinging goes in first, bigfoot second!

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