Hush Little One

Our plan is to make a tile-based stealth-oriented roguelike detailing a woman with her very young child fleeing a village after a calamity strikes.  You control the mother and interact with your child, seeking shelter and hiding from increasingly demonic pursuers.

Enemies will be able to detect you via sight or sound, and there will be one time use items to aid escape.  You will have to gather food and water to keep both your stomachs satiated, all while searching for a relic to allow you to pass the demonic guardian at the end of each zone.  Your child will do his best to follow your instructions, but, in the end, he is only a child.

We’re planning three zones for now, each randomly generated with it’s own tileset and enemies.

This would be the first game we have finished (if we finish it). We’ve done a few prototypes in the past, but still don’t necessarily have a good sense of scale, so we’ll see how well we can do with our ambitions.

We’ll be doing an HTML5 game using Crafty.js and parts of rot.js.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I did a roguelike with a similar theme last year for the Molyjam called ‘sick peter’, about a young boy running from Nazi guards. Looking forward to seeing your take on the stealth roguelike 🙂

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