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This will be my fourth 7DRLC and this time I’ve decided to create a game set into the Old West. There certainly aren’t too many roguelikes (or any games for that matter) with that theme.

In the game, you play as the sheriff of a randomly generated frontier town which will contain all the basics such as a saloon, hotel, bordello, bank and church. Player’s task is to defend the town from bandits, catch criminals etc. in randomly generated missions that appear dynamically.

This game will feature a bit deeper role-playing elements than my previous 7DRLs. Still, my main focus will be modelling a lively town to explore, and interesting, varying “quests” to accomplish.

I’ve yet to decide on the name but these are potential candidates: Sheriff, Lawman, A Town Called Mercy, A Town Called Hope. The game will be playable in a modern web browser using my own (recently updated!) Unicodetiles.js engine (that I also used last year).

If you’re interested, you can find my previous three 7DRLs by scrolling down tapiov.net

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  1. I’m planning on doing a RL based on the old arcade game Gun.Smoke… I don’t know, you don’t get a westernRL for 33 years and then two come along at once! Don’t worry though this is my first time trying this and I’m not overly optimistic i’ll finish in time…

  2. The more the merrier! I think I’ve actually played Gun.Smoke a bit, good luck with the project! Try to keep the scope narrow and don’t get stuck on any particular part of the implementation are my two main tips. πŸ™‚

    1. You’re right, I think if i’m not careful scope is really gonna be my downfall… I’m actually planning to make a simplified version first and then add the more complicated stuff on top if I have time.
      Good Luck to you too… at least if mine fails I can still play yours!

      1. Hadn’t seen that either, very interesting! There was an idea about a lawman clearing town after town which sounds excellent, but I think that would require more variable / better town generator that I’m aiming for, so maybe better to stick to just one.

        1. Oh, I’m glad I could share that link with both of you, then. Excited to see that others have also been thinking about a western themed RL πŸ™‚

          I think the closest there is to an existing such game, is Abura Tan (http://aburatan.sourceforge.net/) – a quite promising weird west game that runs in (emulated) DOS. It was sadly discontinued on a pretty early stage, as far as I gather from playing it just a few times. Finally, for a RL with a neat gunman skill tree, play with starting class gunslinger/eunuch in Caves of Qud.

          Well. Not much time to play others’ games this week, I guess. Good luck to you all.

          As always,

  3. I see “A Town called Mercy” and all I can think of is Cyborgs and Doctor Who :p.

    I look forward to playing your game! Are you planning on any non-quest events, like barfights, Curio and Snake-Oil salesmen, and Possies?

    1. I was hoping someone would get the reference! πŸ˜€ Probably not a good choice for the name of my game as I’m not planning on including cyborgs (or perhaps on easter egg πŸ˜› ).

      Barfights, gamling, drunkednedd etc is planned to make the town livelier, but we’ll see what I can manage to include. I’ll probably start coding tomorrow.

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