Han Yolo and the Mysterious Planet Day 0

Hereby I announce the start of our seven day roguelike, Han Yolo and the Mysterious Planet. We are a team mainly of two guys, Bill Lowe on art + visual scripting (Playmaker), and me, Pål Trefall, on code. We will be using Unity3D.

Crash landing on an alien planet, you must explore mysterious alien ruins in hope of survival.

We have done some preparatory work in Unity3D, since the engine isn’t bundled with roguelike features. Thus we’ve worked on a dungeon generator before the start of this 7DRL. It’s a weight-based algorithm that uses a mix of attraction strategies to guide room placement. At time of start, this is what it looks like: 7drl_00227drl_00257drl_0024

Bill has also done some preparatory tile tests, and our characters will be based on some of his previous work, simply because doing a full animated cast during the seven days isn’t really feasible.

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