End to Infinity: Starting Now(ish)

End to Infinity will be a squad-based, real-time roguelike set in a dystopian future where the  universe has been completely destroyed. The player controls a group of four remaining people as they loot spaceships to survive. Each level will be based on a single ship, and the player will have the option as to what ship to raid next. The player will control the four units by pausing the action to plan out moves, and then unpausing to see the chaos unfold.

I’m hoping to include:

  • 4 characters
  • 4 classes
  • 20 basic ship layouts (5 ships from 4 factions)
  • Shotgun, rifle, pistol, sword (keeping it generic for now)
  • 10 different enemies
  • FOW in some form

I’m praying for the time to be able to do all the sprites and programming, but only time will tell! I have BIG plans for EtI once this competition is over. Infinity won’t end after 7 days!

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