FortreSSH – Day 1 Starting now

Update: Game was a failure but it may be finished in the future. Very educational past 7 days though, gg.

I’m starting my first seven day roguelike now. The updates will be posted here. It’s going to be played online in an SSH-server and it’s competitive 1v1. Players will search for an opponent and then the two players are summoned into a random dungeon where they have to kill the other player. I think I want to make it like Heroes of Might and Magic where each turn consists of many actions but combat will be bump only, because I’m not good enough at programming yet and the HoM&M combat is not enough roguelikey 🙂

Game will be written in PHP because that’s what I’m most familiar with and it will use php-ncurses, PuTTY users will only see 16 colours so the colours will be limited to 16 for everyone. My goal is to create a game that ages well, because I have only 7 days and then it will be forgotten (maybe). Do not expect too much of this game.

Good luck to everyone scratching their heads with their own projects and see you at #rgrd, love, gnsh.

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    1. Yes, I have tried it and many other options with no luck. Various sources say that PuTTY can handle only 16 colours so I’ll just go with that because the time is nigh. Thanks anyways.

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