Friendly Meddling

In this roguelike, you play a wizard who’s lost contact with a pen pal and decided to go to his tower in purpose to find out what’s happened. You’ve also brought along your apprentices for help, and perhaps some field experience.

Naturally, things have gone wrong in the tower, and you’ll have some trouble to deal with. As an experienced wizard, you know some powerful spells from the start, but unfortunately you tire a easily and can only cast one before you need a break. That’s why you’ve brought your apprentices – they don’t know as much magic, but they’ve got the vigor you lack, and you can direct them to cast their spells as best suits the situation. They’re also quick learners; you’ll find enchanted spellbooks in the tower that you can use to teach them better spells.

In Friendly Meddling, I’m going to target some issues I saw with my last 7DRL. In The Death of Juga t’Dy, the very early game was frustratingly difficult and random without giving you many tools, but once you assembled a few allies the rest of the first level was disappointingly easy. In FM, the tower will have much smaller levels, which will make it easier to tune difficulty at a given height. I also saw distaste for the small, non-configurable font size; that won’t be an issue in Friendly Meddling.

Beyond the simple issues, I’m going to make FM much more replayable than TDoJtD, where you could sometimes experience all of the game’s content in one playthrough. There will hopefully be more spells, items, and monsters in the game than you could hope to find across several playthroughs, and possibly even some special features delivered similarly sparingly. Since FM is going to be quite short, I’m also free to be lax in keeping the player’s power in check, as long as I acknowledge which boons are too good to be seen too often.

I’ll be starting FM at 11:00 PM GMT today, and hopefully providing updates throughout the development. When the game is closer to release, you’ll be able to find information at RogueBasin or at the game’s own site.

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