SanitasRL – Hour Zero

SanitasRL is my first ever 7DRL, my first roguelike even. I’ve never even tried procedural generation and other roguelike-features before so this will definitely be an interesting week. I’m going into this without any preexisting code, although I experimented with some procedural generation the last couple of days though so I kind of know how to start off.

The game will be quite a generic roguelike with a focus on special items and an hopefully interesting health mechanic. It will most likely be a coffebreak game (aiming for 10 – 20 minutes of game time for each character), this because of the health mechanic. It will be playable in any modern browser and it will be developed from the ground up using javascript.

Well well, off I go and preferably I’ll land safe and sound next Saturday around 20:40 CET.

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