I probably won’t start tonight (I assume it starts at midnight). I’d like to not deprive myself of sleep too much, so I’ll start tomorrow morning.

Here’s my arsenal:

  • IDE: Visual Studio 2012
  • Language: C++
  • Libs: SFML (so far)
  • Graphics: Graphics Gale
  • Music: Famitracker
  • Sound: Famitracker

I’ve amassed a bit of pre-existing code to make a little engine prototype (I’ve made more tile engines than I can count on three hands. I’m not cheating, honest!). I also had to iron out a few issues with SFML’s drawing that I didn’t want to let slow me down.

I was going to use Unity, but nah. It seemed more appealing to make a lightweight little fun roguelike.

The plan is to make a scifi-themed top-down shooter with procedural world generation, some RPG elements of some sort, volatile chain reactions, things that stay persistent between deaths (possibly), and moddability. I want to play with interactions between components and cool stuff like that. These are all early thoughts of course, I will likely change or remove them if needed.

I’ve only made one “finished” game before (and I’ve been into gamedev for like five years ;_;), and it was for another game jam, so I hope I’ll be able to add another nice, finished game to my record soon.

Here are some maglinks:

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