SubversionRL (working title: Liberation of Yarna)

My 2012 roguelike was not very successful, partially because it was my first program on D and my first expierience with libtcod.

So this time i’ll use the language i’m most comfortable with (Ruby) and working engine from my mecha-roguelike project (RubyRL). But my current idea for this challenge is still slightly too big for 7 days. I’ve written an approx. plan of realization and it consists of about 65 tasks, 10 tasks per day. It would be possible if i can work on the game full time, not just few hours after work. Ok, we’ll see.

The idea is the game about spy\saboteur, who must complete missions (laying bombs, mostly. i dont think there will be time for our missions) in randomly generated cities, avoiding partols, running from or killing anyone who have spotted him. Enemies will not know you are ‘bad’ until they see you are doing something wrong or anybody else who seen it will tell them. Well, some patrols will try to check everybody, so you must hope that they will distract on normal citizens.

Goal – survive after completing mission, go to the safehouse, sleep there, do next mission.

Battle system: you can shoot, enemies can shoot. Chance of hitting is 90%-10%*distance, but only 50% at melee range. Enemies die after first hit, you die after third. You can also use melee hits to kill with 100% effectivity and use nanoagents in your blood to heal wounds or temporarily speeds up self.

The main source of inspiration is a great russian novel “Сагонские войны” (I never heard of it’s translation to other lanuages).

I’m going to start at 0:00 Sunday, so i’ll have the full night after Saturday, then full day\night of Sunday, and the finally almost full day at Saturday 16th. Well, and few hours at working days. I’m surely won’t have a time to post here until finishing – i wonder how can people find a time for it.

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