Another 7DRL Late Entry

I intend to make something kind of more wargame than roleplaying game (right down to not  having hitpoints but rather a much more unforgiving wounds-based damage system).  You play as a siren or a mermaid and try to loot passing ships for gear and human meat.  You need to eat at least once a day (still haven’t dialed in what a reasonable number of turns for a day looks like), and you need to eat human meat (though goblins and ogres have ships too and you can try to eat them…).  Anyway combat will be unforgiving as hell (Not sure I really care to bore anyone reading this with 20 pages of rules I am translating to game logic) and your success, at least until you can find some good equipment and develop some skills, is contingent on you using your siren powers to lure ships onto the rocks, as crew on damaged, sinking ships are more likely to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off or focusing on trying to save the cargo, and thus less likely to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner when you start killing and eating their buddies.

Anyway, making real serious determinations of how much work I can do in a week is part of my day job.  Let’s just see where this goes…

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