Auto Rogue – Day 1

Can display some basic world elements, like your car and some debris on the road. Movement is broken into phases.  How fast a car is going determines the number of phases movement happens.  I have a simple display for the phases and it shows which ones movement happens on.

The game is real time, but in the same way Grimlock or Magic the Gathering is real time.  It is so slow and can be paused, so it feels turn-based.  The car now moves on its movement phase.

I’m pretty happy with the progress of day 1.  I ran into a few development puzzles that could have hung me up for some time.   I was able to push past them, settling for sub-optimal solutions.  I now know how quickly the week goes by from last years challenge.

Tomorrow I will continue working on the movement mechanics and more road generation.

Good luck to all of the developers!


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