“Back Up” – End of day 1

Day 1 summary

This is our first 7drl so we are doing things from scratch as much as possible. Plain Java with libgdx so far. We have an explorable, random map up and running, albeit without corridors yet. Rich is in charge of that part while I’ve done the other parts. The main character moves with the arrow keys and cannot go through walls as expected. Enemies move randomly and also stick to actual rooms. Just added an activity log below to record what happens.


Goals for day 2


  • Get corridors added to the map.


  • Basic combat system. I’ve put an enemy in the players start room to help with that until corridors are done.
  • Zoom the map back in and add scrolling. Currently it is at 50% size to see it all for testing the generation.
  • Start adding fog of war/line of sight.
  • Start adding an inventory and items if Rich doesn’t get the corridors done for the previous two parts.

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