Farm rl day 1: have a look at my beautiful snails

Day one is nearing a close and very happy with what I have added so far.  To keep the snails from eating themselves out of house and home and then starving to death, they have a variety of growth limiting mechanisms.

1.  If a snail is going to lay an egg it uses twice as much energy until it gives birth
2.  If a pregnant snail gets too hungry it aborts.
3. they wait until they are just a little bit hungry before eating moss, while they eat grass as soon as they find it.  This means that if they eat up most of the grass, they can survive on moss but they don’t get full enough to multiply quickly.
4. The plants grow seeds that lay dormant for a while before sprouting, that means that if the snails eat an area bare there are still seeds to sprout and recover the area.

if you want to have a look, save this pastebin to a file and open it in your browser.      (arrow keys move)



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