InvadeRL – Zero Hour

I’m starting InvadeRL Now: 1362958932

(That’s Sun Mar 10 2013 18:42:12 GMT-0500, local )

Keeping in the spirit of Roguelikes, the features of my 7DRL project itself were randomly generated.  I literally drew this game’s design from a hat (as tiny slips of paper with ideas written on them).

Behold the hell fate hath chosen me:

  • Platform: Browser Based
  • Feature: ASCII Visuals
  • Theme: Invade
  • Mechanic: Turn Based
  • Mechanic: Permadeath
  • Setting: Above Ground
  • Mechanic: Ranged Weapon
  • Feature: Sprite Animation
  • Mechanic: Vehicles

Some of these features seem directly incompatible with each other.  This is shaping up to be a rather silly, and difficult challenge!  I’m not even sure what Sprite Animation means in a turn based ASCII graphics game…  Do vehicles even make sense in a roguelike?  Let’s find out!  Check my 7DRL devblog for more of my thoughts on these features.

Fortunately, since the game will be browser based, I can extend the Mason 2D Tile Engine to get me started.  Unfortunately, since I just started making that engine, it only has an image loader, AJAX data fetching, a JavaScript console and a canvas that does nothing but scroll or turn into a .PNG — It can’t even place tiles yet!

Note that the right side panel is empty. That’s where editing tools should be!
So, I’ll be starting from scratch, essentially.

I’m excited to see what strange beast lurks at the center of all this!

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