It Did Not End Well: Day One

7drl1It Did Not End Well is planned as a simple roguelike about exploring an infinite mansion filled with mad cultists and beasts. Seven days is not a lot of time, and a couple of key features were born from the need to make something that I can code up quickly. These are:


Movement is from room to room, with each room being a seperate instance. I only have to worry about generating a dozen tiles per level, rather than scores, and there’s no enemy pathfinding needed at all (thank christ).


The combat system is adapted from the recent Fighting Fantasy book, Blood of the Zombies. A group of X enemies appear, the player attacks and rolls Y damage, Y enemies are killed, and each remaining enemy does Z damage to the player. Fast, simple, and it cuts out the need to code to hit rolls, damage resistances, and many of the other combat trappings of a standard roguelike. I do plan to add dodge chances, multi-hp enemies, and maybe a few other things.

So far IDNEW has:

– random level generation.
– movement from room to room.
– basic combat.
– exiting the current level loads a new level.
– event messenger.

All of these features are in the version below, which puts me half a day ahead of schedule. Hurrah!

Note: Interacting with the menus is just done with the mouse at the moment.


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