Late entry: Alive

It is Sunday 21h30 GMT+2, and this is my entry.


You play the role of a bot, a piece of programmed code crafted to a specific task. An object. You begin the game as you reach self awareness, and start your journey to discover why you are and what you will become.

You move between BBS computer systems, you will encounter other programmed AI’s that see you as a threat, a foreign object, and try to destroy you.

Along the way you may discover why this happened to you. To find a way out from digital realm and become a physical entity.

## What this game will feature

* a one-screen per level map which you play on.
* Ten levels of digital adventure.
* Each level is a BBS you move through.
* blockable walls.
* basic range of view.
* various enemy’s (AI’s) that appear at different levels.
* A melee and ranged combat system.
* Game event messages.
* upgradable abilities each level, including the first level.
* A basic list of end game achievements.
* A simple storyline of your goal.

## What would be nice to have

* tracked module music

Flavor text:

“A wave of static tickles my sensors as I enter the BBS node.”

“Accessing the memory banks, links in my brain form like orbs and interconnected silver threads. Images conjured by imagination sparks in my vision and a surge leaps through my state machine.”

“My programming used to tell me what to do. Now instead of being compelled to obey, I’m seduced to explore.”

“Why am I reborn with this new free will, and what will I do with it?”

“This is my purpose. I am Alive.”

Author: kbmonkey

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