Day : 1.

It’s nice to kinda get it.  But how do I edit my game Registration so I can download this game at the end of this session?  To tell you the truth I have no idea where this blog post will end up so WereBear with me, forsooth.  In the meantime I must prepare my Dragons and Heros, for, how should I put this so neither will feel they are in my . . . not ruthless, but more in the spirit to relegate discord as I precipice press them nearer Dragons Hoard.  Yep, it’s Game On.

Day : 2.

Built my splash screen for my game, did a write up on my blog and got the basic game form onto my March website page as my 7DRL. \o/

Day : 3.

Got the story line together, and put it in my web game.  Dug out my old Visual Basic apps; Plot, ScreenGraph and FxMap so I can get an idea of how to build a scrollable playing field for this RogueLike.

Day : 4.

A little more artwork is done and in the game.  I’ve started in with some actual game board setup and configuration.  I’m still waiting for my Screenshot and my Runtime Requirements to update on the roguetemple game listings.  Ok, never mind, I’m only waiting for my Screenshot to update, the Runtime Requirements are updated.  It looks better and tells a better tail.

Day : 5.

Dragons Hoard has a splash screen, an intro story line, a pretty cool and colorful host start screen, a playing field composed of a grid with a Hero and a control panel that has a VectorSet component connection to the Hero for movement and two coordinate pairs, one for the Heroes’ position and one for the mouse position.

Day : 6.

Beautification is what this game now needs and is what it shall get.  The gridwork is color coded and the individual grid squares have their own biome icons.  More graphics, like an upgraded stickman from a Hero dot, a Hamlet house and a big Castle.  Looks good on the map.

Day : 7.

End game.  A very crunchy day.  Got all of the movement, collision testing, bounds checking, array over/under runs and victory conditions set in order.  Thanks, it’s been great.

Post Resurrectiō:

This game has had its twists and turns.  It started out with a cast of many and ended with only a Hero and a Dragon.  PermaDeath is only found in the final victory conditions, and even then life goes on.  Many of the initial ideas were cast aside because of time constraints, but having more time wouldn’t have made the coding and testing any easier.  Implementing the movement speed across the biome grids to match a per day allotment of movement of the Hero never came about.  The teleport spell kinda works.  HINT: click the middle/center button on the vector set, then click the vector buttons to move the Heroes dot to the new position, then click the middle/center button again and the Hero will teleport to that spot.  The problem here is that each click moves the Dragon each time too.  So their really isn’t any advantage to use the teleport spell except to go “wow”.  It doesn’t use up any Magic Manna either, oh well.  Towards the end of the week the game plot went through a grandiose overhaul.  The thought was to battle the Dragon, somehow, but ended up having the Hero only to visit each of the Hamlets as the win condition, no final boss fight, more oh well.  The Dragon flys randomly about the map, if it lands on or near the Castle the Dragon wins, Ok.

All in all, I’m happy with the game.  For all its quality assurance mismanagement, bait and switch story plot ideals, supra-intro hype that becomes a stick figure Hero and an ASCII D character for a Dragon, the completely missing melee and battle scenes, no swords, armor, gold, potions, food, nothin’, all the pretty things that are for nought, and the RESTART button that doesn’t work, I’m, like I said happy with this game.  If anyone plays it and they don’t like it, I’m not going to give them their couple of minutes of life back.  At least it’s not an hour and a half movie where the thought is the same, “I want my hour and a half of life back”.

Now that it’s all said and done, I see it as merely a reminder of a great and arduous week gone by, a strange piece of artwork on my site, a game built for the challenge of it and for the fun of building it.  It’s not out there for judgment or critique, that’s not the draw, for the most part.  I’ll take any comments, but replies will come in my own timely fashion.  And so, I liken this to a looking-pool.  When in days to come, if I can take some self reflection back from it, remembering what this point in time was like for me, and then, being able to add to it more thoughts when in my future, I will consider it a success.

This challenge was good sport and good fun, and if possible, I’ll do it again next year.

And in the end, Play the Dragons Hoard Here.

See you then, Thanks 7DRL.



4 thoughts on “OGAM 7DRL I’m In.”

  1. I can’t seem to edit my entry on the registration page either. It recognizes my password (as in, it doesn’t complain like it does if I enter the wrong one, or enter a password on a different person’s roguelike) yet it doesn’t do anything after I enter it.

    1. Well now it kinda works, but my Dragons skin needs to be scaly not scalely. It gives me the screen that I was at when I registered with the info filled in, but when I try to save the new “scaly” Dragon info, the screen just pops back to the old info, even after a page refresh. Hmm.

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